How to install a TOTO Washlet: TOTO Washlet


Installing a WASHLET is much like changing your toilet seat, but the features and benefits far exceed any toilet you've ever owned.

Before you start you'll need:
A Wrench
A Flat Head Screwdriver
A Phillips-Head Screwdriver
To turn off your water supply then flush your toilet.
A Ground Fault 120 volt outlet
5 Easy steps:

1. Remove the old toilet seat.

Make sure to clean the surface around the mounting holes.

2. Install the WASHLET seat mounting bracket.

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, tighten the screws just snug enough to allow movement so you can adjust it to align the seat.

3. Slide the WASHLET on the bracket.

Make sure you slide the WASHLET seat back into the bracket until you hear it click. Center the seat then tighten the bracket.

4. Connect the WASHLET's hose.

Be sure to turn off the water supply then flush the toilet to relieve pressure.

5. Turn the WASHLET on.

Turn your water back on and plug the unit in. The LED lights will let you know when it's ready.


Electrical code requires a ground fault 120 volt outlet for bathroom appliances, and one needs to be within reach of the three-foot WASHLET cord.

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