The history of TOTO WASHLET: TOTO Washlet

The History of WASHLET

The WASHLET was designed to provide new levels of comfort and cleanliness.
See how it has transformed since its debut.


TOTO is Born

Kazuchika Okura's vision of healthier and cleaner living spaces is realized with the formation of Japan's first sanitary ware manufacturer. Toyo Toki K.K., later known as TOTO LTD.


Welcome the WASHLET

Let's Wash = WASHLET. Soon to become TOTO's signature product, the WASHLET makes its debut with three functions: rear cleansing, dryer and a heated seat.


Clean Controversy

The first WASHLET television commercial airs and comes as a shock to many viewers. Nevertheless, the WASHLET quickly becomes a Japanese cultural and commercial sensation.


The WASHLET comes to America

In 1989 TOTO USA Inc. is founded and shortly after, the WASHLET is introduced to the American public.


eWater+ Cleaning Technology is Introduced

The first cleaning technology of its kind. ewater+ sprays the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water to help keep it clean.



40 million WASHLET sold worldwide!

Now, see it in action. Explore all available WASHLET models. View Products

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